Report number 4. Logistic group.

Second week of apprenticeship in Crete Together with Szymon, we work in a Greek company. I am in the main store, where products such as vegetables and fruits are sold and distributed; and Szymon in the warehouse where all documentation is stored. Szymon’s tasks include, among others, segregating invoices. I deal with placing orders, placing […]

Report number 3. Logistic group.

After four days of hard work, on Friday (2/10/2020) at 11:00 am, the whole group set out on a journey to Chania. The journey took about an hour. During the trip we stopped at a viewpoint over the beautiful Lake Kournas. After the photo session, we set off to Chania. At 12:00 we arrived  and […]

Report number 2. Logistic group.

On Monday we started our 4-week internship. At the beginning, we were officially welcomed by the manager, Ms Stella, and ECTE employees, and we met the tutors of our internship. We were assigned in groups of 2, 3 or 4 to various workplaces. On that day, we got to know our employers and the places […]

Report number 1. Logistic group.

On 26 October 2020 at 6:20 in the morning, full of excitment and anticipation, we beganourjourney to Crete. The flightwent quicklywithoutany major problems. However, in Chania airportwe had a surprise–all of ushad to takeCOVID 19 test. It was quick and painless, but unexpected. At around 12:00 we arrivedatour hotel in Crete. Afterchecking in, we hadfreetime, […]