Report number 1. Logistic group.

On 26 October 2020 at 6:20 in the morning, full of excitment and anticipation, we beganourjourney to Crete. The flightwent quicklywithoutany major problems. However, in Chania airportwe had a surprise–all of ushad to takeCOVID 19 test. It was quick and painless, but unexpected. At around 12:00 we arrivedatour hotel in Crete. Afterchecking in, we hadfreetime, so we swamit in the pool andsunbathed on the beach, integrating with the wholegroup. At 19:00 we all went to a nearbyrestaurant for ourfirst dinner together. Afterwards we relaxed by the pool and playedgames. In the evening, we allfellasleepinstantly, tiredafter the longexcitingday. Sunday was a day off, some of ustastedlocal food, othersexplored the town and the coastline.Sunday was anintegrationtimebecause we are from differentclasses and we wanted to get to knoweachotherbetter. At 6pm we allgottogether and went to dinner at a localrestaurantnearby, the food was verygood. After dinner, we filled in documentsrelated to hotel practices and policies.Thesetwodayspassedquickly and happily. We aregladthat we have the opportunity to take part in thisproject. Here aresomephotos of the first weekend in Crete.