Report number 3. Logistic group.

After four days of hard work, on Friday (2/10/2020) at 11:00 am, the whole group set out on a journey to Chania. The journey took about an hour. During the trip we stopped at a viewpoint over the beautiful Lake Kournas. After the photo session, we set off to Chania. At 12:00 we arrived  and we spent the time exploring this charming city. Then we went to the park to relax close to nature, and then we had dinner with the whole group. Afterwards, we were informed about the next attraction, which was bowling. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and determined to win. It was great fun! After a full day of excitement, we came back  to the hotel and we all went to bed to recover  strength for the next day, Saturday (3/10/2020). On the hot first day of the weekend, most of us went to the beach while others hiked in the nearby mountains. Sunday (10/04/2020) was a similar day. At 6 p.m. we all gathered for dinner. In the morning of the first day of work after the weekend, we all went to our workplaces, where we acquired new skills related to our professions. After a busy time at work, everyone relaxed. At 19:00, as usual, we had dinner. These four days were very educational and full of impressions and new experiences. We are already looking forward to the rest of our stay in Crete!